Gamekeeping and consultancy services

Over the past half century, Rentakeeper Sporting Management has managed the sporting on many estates and increased the sporting contribution by the development of trout and coarse fishing, wild fish farming, golf courses, leisure parks, woodland improvement and bird watching.
For the landowner an initial consultancy visit can formulate a sporting management plan in line with DEFRA acreage payments.
The basic questions are:
• How big a day do you want – a Gamekeeping consultancy services,

75-bird day, 100-bird, 150-bird or more?
• Are you more interested in walked-up days, pigeon shooting or duck flighting?
• Are you interested in deer stalking?
We offer trophy shooting in parks or real stalking for wild fallow roe, Chinese water deer or Muntjac.
We also deal in game at best market prices.
Please call us on 01908 510189 for more information on any of these services. 

Enhancing your estate

As part of our sporting management services, we help to improve the quality of sport in many areas. This is achieved through the effective development of trout and coarse fisheries, wild fish farming, leisure parks, woodland zones, and bird watching sites. 

Highly professional staff
Rentakeeper is staffed by BASIS registered wildlife managers, who operate under the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) Scheme. Utilising their vast experience and knowledge, our gamekeepers take safety seriously. Our employer and public liability insurance covers all our works for expenses up to £10million. All of this means you should rest easy when you consult our approachable experts. 


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